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DISC Dominance (D) Profile Overview

DISC profiles explained: D is for Dominance

People with the D style place an emphasis on shaping the environment by overcoming opposition to accomplish results.

A person with a D style

  • is motivated by winning, competition and success.
  • prioritizes accepting challenge, taking action and achieving immediate results.
  • is described as direct, demanding, forceful, strong willed, driven, and determined, fast-paced, and self-confident.
  • may be limited by lack of concern for others, impatience and open skepticism.
  • may fear being seen as vulnerable or being taken advantage of.
  • values competency, action, concrete results, personal freedom, challenges.
  • unique accomplishments
  • new opportunities
  • control of audience
  • independence

Will need to expend more energy to:

  • show patience
  • display sensitivity
  • get into the details
  • allow deliberation

When communicating with the D style individuals, give them the bottom line, be brief, focus your discussion narrowly, avoid making generalizations, refrain from repeating yourself, and focus on solutions rather than problems.

DISC Classic Patterns: Developer, Results Orientated, Inspirational and Creative

Leadership styles: Commanding, Resolute, Pioneering

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