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Are You Cultivating and Pursuing The Spark?

We all have a spark within that flickers in the still of the night. When we are quietly alone, it calls to us, from time to time whispering to us that there is more. Yet despite this we fail to take action. And as time goes by we wonder why we are immobilised, kept from progressing, kept from beginning the journey, kept from making the decision to step outside the comfort zone.

So what’s the antidote? Well it may be a surprise to some but it’s actually quite simple. The answer is to consistently take imperfect action in the direction of our dream. Perfectionism is a strategy that keeps far to many people from even attempting to progress. That’s why abandoning that fallacy is so important if we are to break free and reignite the spark within.

Are You Cultivating and Pursuing The Spark?

“Follow the excitement. The rest takes care of itself.” – Unknown There’s one habit I’ve noticed has lead to more possibility for me than any other. It has connected the dots in ways I could have never imagined, and it seems to be a practice that people making an impact on the world has in common…

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